You’ll Be Surprised To Know Where Mahatma Gandhis Photo On The Currency Note Was Taken

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You’ll Be Surprised To Know Where Mahatma Gandhi Photo On The Currency Note Was Taken

We’re all familiar with the smiling photo of Mahatma Gandhi ji on our currency notes. But have you ever wondered about the story behind that photograph? Contrary to popular belief that the photograph is a drawn caricature, it’s an actual photograph. It was taken when Gandhiji was standing next to Lord Frederick Pethick-Lawrence. Take a look.



Source: Wikimedia

The photo, taken by an unknown photographer in the year 1946, shows Mahatma Gandhi ji smiling at an unknown person. The mirror image of the same is what made it’s way on the Indian currency notes. The photo was taken at the former Viceroy House which we now know as the Rashtrapati Bhavan.



Isn’t that amazing?

Story source: Gandhiworld



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