9 Indian Temple’s Known For Their Mysterious Stories


Following is a list of certain Indian places of worship (Temple)where, exist mysteries. Mysteries that some consider the brilliance of science, and some others tag these as God’s blessings shown alive. Whatever may be the perception, the interesting quotient these carry remains put.

1. Hazrat Sharfuddin Shahvilayt: The Scorpions here crawl upon the humans but never sting

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In Amroha, UP, is situated the mazar of Syed Hussain Sharfuddin Shah Wilayat Naqvi, a prominent 13th century Sufi, also known as the first Urdu poet of North India. The astonishing feature of this mazar is the fact that it is home to deadly black scorpions. But what’s further intriguing is that these scorpions crawl up the skin of the visitors without harming them in any way whatsoever. The devotees are even allowed to take the scorpions home for a set period of time. However, if the scorpions aren’t returned by the set date to the shrine, they might sting.

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2. The musical pillars of Vittala Temple, Hampi


Dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Lord Vittala), this temple is truly a grand example of human craftsmanship. The most notable and certainly an intriguing feature of the temple has to be its magnificent 56 pillars, that when struck gently, emanate the 7 notes of music. Owing to this fact, the musical pillars are also popularly known as SAREGAMA pillars.

Enthralled by this wonder, the Britishers even tried busting the mystery behind. They cut two of the pillars but were more than amazed to find nothing inside. The pillars were simply hollow. Those two cut pillars can still be seen.

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3. The curious case of flying stone at the dargah of Hazarat Kamar Ali Darvesh, Pune


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In the vicinity of the dargah is placed a chiselled smooth stone in a pile of sand pebbles. They say that 11 people, each using their one finger, lift that stone up. Precisely 11 people are required to engage in the act, neither less nor more. If the number of men involved is not 11, the stone wouldn’t budge.

The stone goes flying 10 to 11 feet up in the air, while the 11 chant in unison, “Kamar Ali Darveeeeesh”

The weird part is that nobody feels any weight while lifting the stone up. They compare the entire process to the weightlessness of a single rose petal on a finger.

It isn’t just the weird sight of a flying stone that attracts 200-300 visitors who offer prayers at the dargah. A lamp encased within glass, which burns 24X7, is believed to possess a mystical power that is believed to cure fatal snake bites.

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4. The water flowing from the mouth of Nandi statue at Nandishwara Teertha Temple has an unknown source


Dedicated to Lord Shiva and his vahana Nandi, the temple was discovered recently in 1990s, but they say the temple has stayed put for over 7,000 years. Before excavation, the temple was completely buried under a flat stretch of land. According to a news featured in TOI, the politicians intended to sell the plot but when the locals expressed their wish to first dig up the soil to see if it had some crucial things buried underneath, the excavation began. And out came an entire temple, which until then remained preserved in thick layers of soil.

The statue of Nandi, which came out as one of the elements of the temple, had a stream flowing out through its mouth, and this is where the mystery resides. No one knows the source of this continuous stream.

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5. The Growing Nandi of Yaganti temple


According to the locals, the size of the Nandi statue located in front of the temple was much smaller than its current size. Considering its ever-growing size, there were experiments carried out on the idol to find the reason. They say that the rock out of which Nandi has been carved is of growing nature.

Just how big it has become over the years can be analyzed by the fact that the temple staff had to get rid of one pillar because of the expanding Nandi. Also, they say that locals were able to do paridakshinas (rounds) of Nandi statue in the past.

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6. The cobra incident at Thepperumanallur Shiva Temple, Tamil Nadu


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Sometime in 2010, the priest of the Shiva temple was performing the daily ritual of aarti when a cobra lying on the top of the Shiva Linga caught his and the devotees’ attention. They noticed the snake slowly descend the linga and crawl towards, and up the Vilvam tree (the holy tree) of the temple. The snake picked a leaf from the tree in its mouth and climbed up the linga, opened its hood, and dropped the leaf. He repeated the act 2-3 times, leaving the onlookers awestruck.

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7. The bombs dropped near the Tanot Mata temple during Indo-Pak war never exploded


During the Indo-Pak war of 1965, Pakistani troops decided to blow up the Tanot Mata temple, located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The targeted the temple, but none of the bombs could fall exactly at the site, and the ones that did fall in the vicinity, remain unexploded. Those unexploded bombs are placed in the museum of the temple. After the war, the BSF soldiers took over the management of the temple.

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8. The mysterious seventh door of Sri Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Temple


They say that the eerily mysterious looking door can only be opened if Garuda mantra is chanted by highly learned sadhus and mantrikas. But, what lies behind the door remains a mystery because they believe that nowhere in the world exists such a sadhu who possesses the ability to unlock this secret door.

The believers can hear the sounds of the gushing Arabian sea coming from the other side of the door. Some also compare the sound with that of the hissing of snakes. They say that the door has locked the flood caused by the waters of the Arabian sea, or the guardian serpents.

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9. Gurdwara Amb Sahib: The seasonal fruit of mango grows throughout the year here


A mango tree in the historical place bears the fruit throughout the year. It is said that this intriguing tree was actually given in the form of a blessing by Sikh Guru, Guru Har Rai, to one of his devotees.
Some solid examples of blind faith. Don’t you think?

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