What Is the Worst Thing That Can Happen to a Man on His Suhaag Raat?

Weddings in India are a festival of celebrating happiness with family and with all the people we love. But it’s also time for two people to start sharing their life together and fall in love. That’s why people eagerly look forward to get married and even more so to celebrate their ‘Suhaag Raat‘, their first wedding night. However, not all wedding nights are wildly romantic. Sometimes it starts with some not-so-funny prank by your family and friends but sometimes THIS happens.

Have you ever wonder what could possibly be the worst thing that can happen to a MAN on his Suhaag Raat? Imagine, for all those years, you’ve saved yourself just for your wife and the ‘night’ of your dreams is finally here when you make sweet innocent love to her but only to know that she has some other plans. What would your reaction be if something like this happens to you?

Wonder no more, just watch this hilarious video from Bollywood movie and laugh your guts out.

Courtesy : youtube