The security camera footage appears to show the young woman stealing from the unsuspecting man as he queues in a busy bank

This CCTV footage appears to show the moment a young woman steals money from a man’s bag as he queues in a bank.

Dressed in a blue top, the diminutive woman is seen sneaking up behind the unsuspecting man before apparently snatching his money.

First, she edges towards the man at the back of the queue.

She then appears to remove a blade from her mouth before slicing open the fabric of his bag.

LiveLeakGirl steals money from persons bag in bank
Lifted: The young woman is seen stealing money from a man’s bag in a bank

Quickly grabbing the cash, she seems to place the blade back in her mouth before making a swift exit from the bank.

She also appeared to have an accomplice, a woman who entered the bank seconds afterwards and pretended to queue up at the ATM machine.

As soon as the alleged offence was committed, they both slipped silently out of the door leaving their victim out of pocket.

Filmed in India, the footage has been shared on LiveLeak.

Courtesy : youtube