Delhi Girl Chases Man Who Was Assaulting A Girl Inside His Car. Police Refused Help.

Delhi Girl Chases Man Who Was Assaulting A Girl Inside His Car

Delhi Girl Chases Man Who Was Assaulting A Girl Inside His Car. Police Refused Help.

If only human beings knew how to be human.

Varsha (named changed), a Delhi Girl Chases Man , recently witnessed yet another incident of inhuman behavior and physical abuse on a woman and tried to help.


Here’s her story:

It was a usual day at work. In the evening, left for home a little later than usual, but it was all very smooth and regular. The drive from work is usually with good music. That’s the real time to unwind and in truth, relax. So ya, took my usual route and by accident dotted this one car with a young couple (the guy was driving). Well, initially they looked all happy and peppy, where the girl seemed like playing with the guy’s hair and all. Little did I know it’s not what I see.
Within two minutes of me being right behind the couple’s car on the Jasola red light, I saw the boy grab this girl’s hair and bang her head on the window by her side. You know, when things like these happen, one takes a couple of minutes to actually process the whole thing. So, naturally it took me sometime to comprehend the situation. Trust me, IT WAS UGLY! He banged her head multiple times on the window, almost rammed his car twice, slapped her ridiculously, and then grabbed her neck to probably suffocate her. I’ve never been so terrified in life!
So I, just out of concern decided to follow them till wherever I could. Called 1096 (women’s helpline number) and they promised to help; took my details, name, location, car number, everything! But I was restless. As a result, I also called 100 for assistance. Thankfully, closely after all the calling; we ran into a massive traffic jam at the Ashram crossing. I never have been so happy for being stuck in a traffic jam. And that’s because, the traffic jam gave the cops a buffer time to cover up for the distance and help.
Honestly, I couldn’t gather the courage to actually get out of my car and help the poor girl, because like any other woman, I have seen most men in Delhi aren’t very courteous and polite with females, especially when there is a difference in opinion. You never know what they are like, and it was about 8:30pm. I know that’s not very late, but then I couldn’t take a chance. So I waited, helplessly watched the man getting more and more ruthlessly violent with the girl. I couldn’t take it anymore, so decided to ask this one auto guy for help. I described the whole enchilada and asked if he could come with me to these people and help. His reply, “Madam aap number pe call karo, rehne do yeh sab”. Why was I even surprised? Isn’t that usual? Isn’t that the most common response ever? I now feel I was just being super optimistic to expect any random help. My bad!
So, after all the coordination with the cops (who were far behind us) and asking for help, I finally saw this one cop walking towards my car. Looked like he was looking for the complainant, me! So I got out and shouted for him. Took him to that grey Chevrolet beat with a UP number. He asked what happened and I narrated. Just FYI, we were still at the Ashram red light. The car was stinking of alcohol and the guy was drunk. The girl, well the right side of her face was red-purple; I could even see her bleeding cheek. How old? Somewhere between 19-22yrs. It was an extremely disturbing site. Obviously the cop asked if he was drunk and the guy refused- so usual! Anyways, so now that I was with a cop, I decided to confront and say all I could. The girl didn’t say a word. Isn’t it terrible to fight for someone when that same person doesn’t want to be fought for? I asked her to speak up, but she just didn’t, or maybe she couldn’t. He claimed the woman to be his wife, but she denied the same. But then again, how does it even matter? Even being married does not give you the license to physically abuse your partner. Anyhow, I was really worried and wanted to take that pest to the police station. So, I turned around to speak with the cop, and BOOOM!, THE COP HAD VANISHED.YES, HE DISAPPEARED, NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!! NOWHERE!!! That drove me crazy, really crazy!
I went back to my car and continued to follow the couple (but of course he tried to escape, but couldn’t). He was headed for Noida. I called the cops again and warned them that if this time they don’t turn up, I am going to take severe action against them. But then, there was traffic and they still were far far behind. I managed to follow the guy only till Mayur Vihar. Couldn’t go beyond that as I was petrified and alone, it was Uttar Pradesh, the man was filthy and drunk, and the cops asked to me to stop following him as it was now not in their hands.
I drove back home with tears, crying uncontrollably all through that 30mins drive. I still can’t get that picture, that scene, that blood, that bruise, that man out of my head. What was I supposed to do? And what now? Can anything be done? Right now, I can only ask you to help me spread the word. Please share this. I want the guy to know the world knows how brutal and inhuman he is. And, I want the girl to understand that she needs to stand up and speak up for herself!

It is unfortunate to hear that while cops like Manoj Barahate are getting famous for saving people and making a difference, some cops still fail to redeem their image in front of the public. Wouldn’t it have been better if the cops had the patience to stay a little while longer and sort the issue out?

Although we are not certain of the incident or its credibility, stories like these need to be heard. Not because they speak about the plight of one single woman, but about how damaged our entire society is when it comes to helping people who need it. People like Varsha need to be praised for their bravery and concern towards other human beings, but how far can she go alone? How can she take the law into her own hands?

And while Varsha has also mentioned the number of the car she pursued, I have deliberately not included it because we don’t want to repeat past mistakes. It is a story that needs to be heard, not sensationalized.

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