This Murderer Got Caught Because He Returned To The Crime Scene To Check Up On Police


This Murderer Got Caught Because He Returned To The Crime Scene To Check Up On Police

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘curiosity kills the cat?’ Well, in this story, this phrase literally turned out to be true.This Murderer Got Caught.

S Mahesh, the main accused in the murder of 80-year-old Rajaram, got caught because he returned to the site of murder out of curiosity to see what evidence was being gathered by the police.


So, this is how it ended up happening.

1. Mahesh hatched a plot to kill the 80-year-ol retired Deputy General Manager of BEL., Mr. Rajaram with the help of Mohan, who was working as a security guard in another apartment complex on Bannerghatta Road, in Bengaluru.

2. The duo killed Rajaram and took his body to Hindupur in Andhra Pradesh to set it on fire.

3. 36-year-old Mahesh decided to return to the scene to notice police and assess his likelihood of being caught.



4. On December 6, Mahesh returned to Rajaram’s house in BEL Layout 1st block, and started going through the police’s beat book which was tied to the gate. Police used this book to record their everyday visit they made to ascertain if the aged man had returned.

5. The beat constable arrived at the same time and questioned Mahesh what he was doing. Mahesh said he was Rajaram’s relative and had just come to check if he was home.

6. Constable found this suspicious and he noted down Mahesh’s bike number along with his telephone contact saying that he’ll be intimated if the missing man was found.



7. The constable reported this incident to his superiors and they cross checked his number to make sure if he is the same guy.

8. The, they made a request to cellular service to access the call details and location of that number. The tower locations matched Rajaram’s residence since the past few months, including the time of the murder.

9. Without wasting any time, police arrested Mahesh from his residence in Jayanagar 1st block and grilled him thoroughly.



10. He confessed killing Rajaram and gave the details of another murderer (Mohan) too.

We salute Bengaluru Police’s quick and sincere action after they noticed the unusual activity, and hope that the accused gets rightly punished.

News Source: The Times Of India

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