This Man Passed A Filthy Comment At A Girl, And Then Threatened To Harm If She Complained

This Man Passed A Filthy Comment At A Girl, And Then Threatened To Harm If She Complained

This Man Passed A Filthy Comment At A Girl and Try To Threatened her but she posted his photo on social media.
When I lived in Delhi, every evening that I didn’t pick my mother’s phone she would get paranoid. She would pray to all her Gods and wish for my safety. And why wouldn’t she? Eve-teasing is common not just in Delhi but in most of India. And it remains so because more often than not, we decide to ignore and ‘let it be.’

Ever wondered why most girls don’t react to eve-teasing and choose to ignore? Because the possibility of what will follow is scarier than being eve-teased. A similar incident has occurred recently when a resident of Delhi, Jasleen Kaur, was walking on the street in Tilak Nagar and a roadside Romeo passed a lewd comment at her.


When she responded by clicking his picture and telling him that she will file a complaint, not only did he smirk, he also threatened her  that if she files a complaint, he won’t let her live in peace. Around 20 other people who were standing on the signal, calmly ignored what happened. In shock, Jasleen filed the complaint in the Tilak Nagar police station and according to the Head Constable prompt action is being taken on her complaint.

When we spoke to the police we were told that they are trying to find the culprit with the bike number and picture submitted by Jasleen and are planning to take an action against him.

Here’s the incident in Jasleen’s words:

This man (misnomer) made obscene comments on me today at around 8 pm near Aggarwal, Tilak Nagar. He was on a silver…

Posted by Jasleen Kaur on Sunday, August 23, 2015

If you come across this man, please call the police and bring it to their attention.

If such an incident happens with you or around you, please don’t ignore it or be a dumb spectator, unless we react it is not going to stop.

Dear Jasleen, you are a brave girl, stay safe.



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