Punjab University Elections 2015 Results : SOI Won (meet Jatana)

Punjab University Elections 2015 Results : SOI Won (meet Jatana)

Meet Jatana Elected as A President of Punjab University Chandigarh. PU Chd Result has been Announced for 2015 Elections and Students Organisation of India (SOI) has Won the Lead!!

Since SOI has Won the Elections Of PU Chd. Many many congratulations to Meet Jatana and The Complete Student Organisation of India. Well Done !

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Here is A Survey By PU Pulse and they Were Definitely Right

PU PULSE ‘ S extensive pre-poll survey indicates SOI WILL SWEEP THE PUSC ELECTION Today.

The Student Organisation of India (SOI) led SOI – HIMSU – NSO – INSO – GGSU – YUWA alliance is set to sweep the Panjab University Student Council (PUSC) poll beating the National Student Party of India (NSUI) led NSUI – HSA – HPSA alliance decisively in the election scheduled to be held tomorrow.

PU Pulse conducted a survey in all hostels as well as major departments to get an on the spot reaction of students.

The survey reveals SOI will emerge as the single largest party in the elections by amassing more than 2000 votes. NSUI is expected to trail by more than 300 votes and get around 1700 votes. PUSU could get around 1600 votes.

The survey reveals that SOI partners – HIMSU and NSO will also do very well amassing around 700 and 350 votes respectively. The Chautala’s led INSO is however a weak link in the SOI led alliance with the party expected to garner only 150 odd votes.

In the NSUI alliance the HSA (Hindustan Students Organisation) is expected to get a whopping 700 votes. However while this alliance will get support from a majority section of Haryana students, it will get a smaller proportion of votes from Himachal students. HPSA is expected to poll around 300 votes.

As far as the third PUSU – ABVP alliance is concerned, ABVP is expected to garner around 600 votes only.

In case we micro analyse the major departments, the SOI led alliance is set to lead in both the major departments in the University – UIET and UILS. However in many other departments SOI and NSUI are running neck to neck. For instance in both UIAMS and the Basic Science departments SOI and NSUI both are evenly poised. However in Arts, Fine Arts and Education departments the SOI led alliance seems to have an edge which might help it romp home. Rest time will tell.