[Interview] 99.6% Rank – 1 CBSE Class 12 2017 results, says topper Raksha Gopal

Central board of Secondary education conducted examination in the month of march 2017 and the girl who topped the cbse exams and got AIR 1 is Raksha Gopal. Check her Pass percentage, Marksheet, Suggestions and Interview below. All india Rank 1 of 2017 Exams.

CBSE Class 12 topper Raksha Gopal was over joyed for scoring 99.6 per cent. Raksha Gopal is now on seventh heaven and cannot express her happiness. Raksha, who is from New Delhi’s Montfort School in Ashok Vihar, was not expecting the results to be this good.

[Interview] I was not worried for CBSE Class 12 2017 results, says topper Raksha Gopal

Raksha’s Report card:
Total: 498/500
Physics: 100/100
Chemistry: 100/100
Mathematics: 100/100
English: 99/100
Computer Science: 99/100
“It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that’s importantâ?¦” — Mahatama Gandhi, these words were lived by Raksha, who didn’t worry for the results and preparations at all. Here’s an interview with the star student:
Q  Did u plan to top the exam?

A “There was nothing planned, one cannot decide beforehand to top the CBSE boards. I want not even waiting for the results, in fact, I  was busy thinking what to do next.”

Q: Can you describe that moment when you were declared a CBSE topper?

A: “I was very happy, and wasn’t expecting to top the exams. I cannot explain the feeling in words, exactly.”
Q: What are your future plans?
A: “I want to become an engineer and taking several entrance examinations right now, I can’t say much about it. But, yes I want to join a good institution. ”
Q: How supportive were your parents?

A: “Since both my parents are IRS officers, there has been quite supportive environment in my house. I have got emotional support from my parents, when I was tensed. Also, they never pressurised me to score good, which is why I took the board exams in a positive manner.

Q: What is the main reason behind your overwhelming victory?

A: “I would give the credit of all my success to my teachers; school teachers and coaching teachers, both. I gave importance to all three ways of preparations, be it school, coaching or self-study, as everything has its own relevance. We can’t skip any one of them.

Q: Would you like to give a piece of advice to students preparing for boards?

A: Speaking with the PTI, she gave a valuable plan-chart “to follow NCERT books strictly, not fall into study 14 hours a day trap and not expect any last minute miracles”.
Q: Would you like to say something to motivate those girls who can’t study?

A: “Work hard and you are not less than anyone else.”

Brief summary:

All in all, Raksha got a right balance at home and school, she is grateful to her parents for providing her much-needed emotional support and her teachers for extending a helping hand in academics. Moreover, she was not even waiting for the results, which shows she is busy preparing the next venture in life. In fact, during an interview, she was in hurry to disconnect the phone so as to resume her studies for JEE advance exam. In short, “Do not keep expectations, but keep hope alive,” she said.



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