After Crocodile And Now An Anaconda On Bengaluru Streets

After Crocodile And Now An Anaconda On Bengaluru Streets

Bangalore’s traffic and potholes are a problem that haven’t ceased to exist. You might have come across the news when one of the artists had painted a crocodile to grab the attention of the civic authorities. But, this time Bangalore had an Anaconda.


A deadly Anaconda reared its head out of the pothole in Mahanagara Palike in Bangalore. It also had a hand inside its mouth which was adding to the scary factor.

But, relax! The Anaconda was fake. It was planted just to grab attention.

Who planted it?

Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF), a group that works for the betterment of Bangalore is behind this spreading of awareness.

Why was it planted?


Because the group wanted the civic authorities to take notice. Bangalore is filled with potholes which can prove to be fatal during commuting. It has been ignored for a while and hence, this drastic measure had to be taken.

”There is humour, art, sarcasm in the craft, but more importantly, there is a deeper message in it that we are trying to deliver,” said Sridhar Pabbisetty (CEO of NBF group), stressing the importance of their deed.

This is not new for sending Bangalore people into a frenzy and making them go berserk. First it was crocodile that did the job.




Few weeks ago, an artist named Baadal Nanjundaswamy had created a crocodile which looked real and installed in one of the potholes. Did that do the trick other than making headlines? Maybe no.

For spreading more awareness, the NBF group is conducting debates. The details can be found here.

But the question that lingers on my mind is that why such drastic measures need to be taken? Aren’t the civic authorities aware of the problem that commuters face each day? Making fake animals rear their head out of dingy potholes just reminds us of the persistent problems that have become a part of our day.

But other than making headlines in leading social platforms, is it actually helping everyone in a concrete way? You decide.

Source: Bangalore Mirror

You can read the full story here.

H/T for anaconda story & images: The News Minute



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