‘Night Out By Girls Is Against Indian Culture,’ Says Union Minister Mahesh Sharma

‘Night Out By Girls Is Against Indian Culture,’ Says Union Minister Mahesh Sharma

From being a medical practitioner to the Union Minister of Culture, it has been a long journey for Mahesh Sharma. Although India is a land of diverse cultures, Mahesh Sharma defined Indian culture in five ‘simple’ points.

1. Three generations cooking in the same kitchen and eating on the same table.
2. The emotions Indians have for each other and the relationships they respect.
3. The relationship between parents and children and the respect they have for each other.
4. Reading Indian books before reading novels and understanding Indian values.
5. Gaining wisdom from Indian museums and historical monuments before trying to learn and visit foreign countries.



He added that the BJP-led central government was committed to “defending Indian culture from encroachment by western culture,” because they believe Westernisation is not at all good for the country. This is what he had to say:

“Here, 15-year-old children don’t leave their parents. A 14-year-old girl wanting a night out maybe all right elsewhere but not in India.”



Attributing the victory of BJP in Lok Sabha elections as a mandate for ‘saffronisation of the country’, the staunch follower of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) exclaimed,“If at all saffronisation has been done, it has been done by the 125 crore people of the country who gave us a huge mandate. They knew what is RSS, what is BJP. They have given us a mandate to run the country.”

He may be stating facts at the moment, but who knows? Maybe, this ‘saffronisation of the country’ could just become too hot for the government to handle in the near future.

News Source: The Telegraph