Are women in India safe? Another NIRBHAYA (DAMINI) ?

Are women in India safe

Are women in India safe? Another NIRBHAYA (DAMINI) ?


Are women in India safe?
Are we still living in 21th century?

This is true story of a sister, a daughter, a wife, an independent women, who is no more in this world being narrated by her mourning brother.

Date- 5 March 2015, Thursday,

Sapna Shrivastava (27 years) left her home with her mother and father to take her to the train (Chattisgarh Express), she was full of life and said to her mother-“Maa, Don’t cry I will come back soon and ll call you when i reach”. She had a reservation in the AC coach (considered safe by all of us) from her hometown datia (MP) to her in-laws town Bhopal Station (MP). She boarded on train, during her 6 hour journey she remaind in contact for earlier few hours. There were about boarded passengers in the train to accompany her in her journey.

Time Passed, and in mean time she lost her connection on mobile.

At the arriving station her husband could only find her luggage besides her seat but no sapna there.

Later a badly injured and defected body was heard to be found near VIDISHA sation which was unfortunately his sister.

She was thrown from train into the dry river down the bridge. She had countless fractures. Her cheerful and beautiful face was now smeared with blood. Is an Indian woman in AC coach of Indian Railway so unsafe that nobody knows what had happened that day? Who shall be responsible for her death, the death of young mind, her dreams, and her hopes?

She was topper during her educational career and she has dreams, ambitions and hopes in her eyes but everything remained unfulfilled only answer she got was DEATH… even the cause behind her death is not known.. all her dreams have become silent by the mercilessness of this world.

Even after 4 days police are not able to find that what actually happend with her.Is it similar to nirbhaya’s (Damini) case or any family or personal issue…

Family of Sapna is looking forward for justice with unstopping tears but little hope in their eyes…

Please SHARE it … for me for my sister and more importantly all sisters who have no voice to say how they feel..!!

BOYS Please understand a women is a mother a sister a wife a daughter
don’t behave like this to us please we beg you – Each and Every Women of this country


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