There’s A Mobile Phone In This Image That Millions Of People Can’t Find. Can You?

It all started when Facebook user Jeya May Cruz from Philippines casually shared this image on her profile asking her friends to guess where the mobile phone is in the image.

In under a few days, the photo has received over a hundred thousand reactions just on Facebook.

At first, it looks like a regular image of a table resting on a regular rug. But that’s where it stops being regular.


Her caption was: “Let’s play a game. Look for the cellphone.”

Little did she know her game would frustrate hundreds of thousands of people on the internet.

Many have tried and many have failed to spot the mobile phone in the image. Can you spot it?


Take a closer look,


Still can’t find it? Want us to help?


Here, see the answer below:




Feel like fisting through the wall? You wouldn’t have taken so long to see it if you indulged in puzzles more often.

Not very smart now, are we? *wink wink*