8 Mistakes in Bajrangi Bhaijaan

8 Mistakes in Bajrangi Bhaijaan

8 Mistakes in Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the latest flick from Salman Khan stable and is going to be the biggest hit in Bhai’s career. However, it is very different from normal Salman  ( Bhaijaan ) movie in the sense that he is not a macho man and is an underdog throughout the movie.

The number of mistakes in this movie is much lower than those in his earlier movies. But still,  Bhaijaan  will remain Bhaijaan and Bollywood will remain Bollywood so here, we bring to you top 8 mistakes in the movies which could have been avoided by the crew –


1. Narowal is not a hill station as shown in the film

Shahida is supposed to be from Narowal in the movie and it is depicted as a hill station there. However, in reality, it is not a hill station and it doesn’t snow there.

salu 1


salu 2







2. Salman Khan gets Pakistani currency from nowhere

In the movie, Salman ( Bhaijaan ) never exchanges his Indian currency; however, as soon as he enters pakistan; he is shown to be eating at a Dhaba with Munni and paying to Dhabawala.

We are sure that the Pakistani Dhabawala will not accept Indian currency.

3. Munni’s mother visits the same shrine as Salman on the same time and day

In the movie, there was no way for Salman ( Bhaijaan ) to find Munni’s whereabouts as she could not speak. However, she could respond as she was able to hear. Rather then trying to get the address in a logical way from her. He goes to pakistan and finaly meets Munni’s family through a coincidence.

Isn’t it too much of a coincidence for the mother to come to the same shrine at exactly the same time.

4. Narowal is not in Kashmir

When Chan Nawab appeals to people on TV/social media to gather at Narowal sector. It is shown in Kashmir but actually Narowal sector is situated in Punjab.

salu 3

5. Same match telecast live twice in the movie

When Munni is in Pakistan her family is watching the match between Pakistan and India Asia Cup 2014.In that match Shahid Afridi hit two sixes and Pakistan wins.

salu 4

On the other side when Munni is lost in India and while residing at Pavan ( Bhaijaan ) home and again the same match is being telecast live.

6. Continuity Mistake

In the Mosque of Kashmir Scene when Salman  ( Bhaijaan ) is sitting with the girl he puts a cloth to shadow her face from the sun, the cloth was keep changing position in different shots.

8 Mistakes in Bajrangi Bhaijaan

We are pointing out these mistakes here. But, please bear in mind that these kind of issues creep in even after best of efforts from the crew.

7. Youtube is banned in Pakistan

In the movie, it has been shown that Nawazuddin’s appeal gets picked up in Pakistan and people are watching the appeal in Youtube. However, the fact is that Youtube is already banned in Pakistan.

Now, the biggest mistake from Bhaijaan –

8. Wrong recital of Hanuman Chalisa

Bhaijaan recited the Hanuman Chalisa verse as “Sankat hare Mite sab Peera” instead of “Sankat kate Mite Sab Peera” in the movie which is a major goof up by the veteran actor and the dialogue writers.

We are not trying to demean the efforts of the crew but just point out factual errors. By all means, go and watch the movie. It is a great movie and arguably the best done by Bhaijaan.